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In this profession, counseling, you see a lot and hear a lot. Sometimes more than you would like to believe the world is capable of. As a active member of the last generation that was taught certain manors and ethics and rules of life it is often hard for me to swallow the ways of the current generations.

I could go on a rant about when did things go wrong and how my upbringing was better than today etc etc….however….I think its time to STOP that conversation and talk about what is in front of us. Youth and young adults don’t care about much but LOVE and the YOLO lifestyle (You Only Live Once). But whose fault is that? Who dropped the ball and rebelled against what you thought (at the time) was the worst parenting ever – who did that?

I see a lot of people shaking their heads and the murders, violence, drugs, molestations, rapes, burglaries, and other crimes but how did you contribute to it? YES, YOU! How did you help that situation come to be?

These tears I cry are not AT the current generations, they are FOR the current generations! How can you continually spout “gibberish” like “you have to learn to love yourself before you love someone else.” That’s right I called it gibberish because how dare you make that statement when the operative word in that sentence is “LEARN”! How dare you tell someone to learn something when you have not TAUGHT it! Nor do you provide and outlet or option for such a lesson to take place!

These tears I cry for AT my generation for not actively admitting their mistakes and never taking the time to correct them! I’ve been told my a number of people that I put a lot of pressure on myself and I shouldn’t do that. I can honestly say, those people are right! I do put a great deal of pressure on myself because there are too many of people in my generation that and the one before me that are NOT pulling their weight.

No I can’t do it alone but I will be damned if I don’t leave it all of the floor when I leave this earth!

It’s time to stand up and get off your ass and DO something more than “SMH”!

I pray that you take offense to this letter! Maybe then you will decide to prove me wrong!


Sabrina Childress-Miller

Executive Director

Position of Pressure npf