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Position of Pressure nfp’s official media sponsor, Supernatural Empowerment Radio (SER) 1470 AM, took on the issues of domestic violence and P.O.P’s role in ending violence among youth and young adults. The participants of our Just Talkin’ program were invited guests on the “Music for the Soul with Dr. Love” program to discuss the woes of our community.

Crystal Gaines and Randy Warren of Supernatural Empowerment Radio is on the cutting-edge of providing resources and information for today’s entrepreneur. All of our content and programming is geared toward empowering you to superabound in all that you do.

Supernatural Empowerment Radio (also known as SER Station) is the only one of its kind that provides high quality programming that is revelational, motivational, inspirational and educational to the success-minded person from all walks of life. SER Station also provides business resources and networking opportunities that incubate and generate the inspired mind of Today’s Entrepreneur! The mission of Supernatural Empowerment Radio (SER Station) is to be THE Voice of Empowerment to the city, the nation and the world. Supernatural Empowerment Radio is: Purpose and Grace based inspirational music, revelatory teaching & preaching, Entrepreneurial and business based personal empowerment programs, tested and proven educational resources for reaching your life goals.

SER is a proud sponsor of Position of Pressure nfp and supports our expansion into the Southern markets!